Whitfields Residential & Commercial Property Management

Whitfields has been successfully managing residential & commercial community schemes since 1993. Whitfields offer a comprehensive range of professional property solutions and services to ease the load of trustees, body corporates and homeowners associations

A Managing Agent to Ease the load

As a scheme executive, body corporate or homeowner's association member, do you want to sit back and relax, knowing that: Your scheme or estate is in good hands? Your organisation's surplus funds are in your own bank account? Your Cash flow will never be a problem? Your scheme or estate has its own interactive website? Your property insurance is handled by professionals? You always receive the right advice in times of need?

Do you want the ability to choose a Property Management solution to suit your needs?

Bronze - a website option perfect for self-managed schemes or estates.
Silver - for a website plus accounting service.
Gold - includes a website, accounts, secretarial and administrative functions.
Platinum - all the functions of gold, plus basic property maintenance.

Whitfields has the perfect solution for you

Our track record of unsurpassed honesty and integrity as property managing agents spans more than two decades.
Every Whitfields client is provided with their own trust account in which surplus funds are saved.
Scheme loan facility available.
Every Whitfields client gets their own website, with awesome functionality.
Whitfields is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, the Financial Services Board and the National Association of Managing Agents.
Comprehensive monthly financial reports keep you up to date and your property management on track.
Promptly held AGMs ensure efficient management.
Our in-house insurance specialists are at your service.
Our experienced maintenance specialist who will ensure it's done right, first time!
Owners enjoy quick access to local service providers with proven track records.