About Us

A significant feature of the property industry in the 1990s was the increased development of residential and commercial complexes, both sectional title and owners' associations. From humble beginnings at that time, Whitfields today administers in excess of 400 complexes, comprising more than 24 000 units, both commercial and residential.

It has been an exciting journey! Whitfields employs over 100 staff members and has branches in Gauteng North, Gauteng South and the Western Cape.

There is no doubt that in this industry, your staff members are your most valuable asset and we are thrilled at the quality of people we have working at Whitfields.

Some time back, we recognised that our focus needed to be on developing interactive websites, where scheme executives can communicate effectively with their owners, and owners can view their statements, lodge queries, amend personal details etc. These websites became a reality at the beginning of 2014 and today, every Whitfields managed complex enjoys their own interactive website.

With 4 management options to choose from, Whitfields has a plan to suit your scheme and your budget. If you are not already part of the Whitfields family, why not contact us for a free proposal to manage your scheme.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach, train, support and nurture all our staff, thereby helping each of them to realise their true potential, and in so doing provide our clients with the best possible service.

Our Commitment

Whitfields is committed to enhancing the lives of our youth in South Africa, through our support of Scripture Union and Heart Reach. We also support The South African Theological Seminary.

Our Certification

EAAB Fidelity Fund Certificate
NAMA Certificate
NCR Certificate
BEE Certificate